Congo Safaris

The democratic republic of Congo is another country which tourists flock purposely for Gorilla trekking.This country has both lowland and mountain gorillas.The country is currently safe and peacefully thus the high rate of gorilla trekking activities.Gorilla safari in Congo are only carried out in the Virunga national park.Just like Uganda and Rwanda, gorilla trekking in Congo also necessitates one to first attain a permit that currently goes for 465 USD.

3 Days Congo Gorilla Tour

In this one day gorilla safari in Rwanda, you will have a chance to go gorilla tracking in the famous volcanoes national park which is home to the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This forest has over 10 families of mountain gorillas and

6 Days Mountain & Lowland Gorilla Congo Tour

In this safari, we shall start the journey from Kigali Rwanda from where we shall connect to DR Congo the home of lowland and mountain gorillas.

4 Days Kahuzi Biege Tour

Under this gorilla safari,you will tour the Democratic republic of Congo another home to the endangered mountain gorillas in Africa.Both has both lowland and mountain gorillas where lowland gorillas are…

7 Days Lowland Gorilla Tracking in Congo

Congo boasts of both mountain gorillas and lowland mountains.So in this safari,we shall put our much emphasis on tracking the lowland gorillas whose journey will commence from Rwanda and then end in Congo..

8 Days Virunga Hikes & Gorilla Tour

You will be welcomed by our representative who will make you feel at home since this is a very important feeling for any traveler. The representative will be at your service and you can ask as...

9 Days Okapi and Gorilla Tracking in Congo

In this safari,you will have to track Gorillas and at the same time have a chance of viewing the Okapi.This cud-chewing hoofed mammal that is placed together with the giraffe in the family Giraffidae serves as..