Lake Mburo National Park

Covering a total area of 260 square kilometers in western Uganda, Lyantonde, Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savanna national park in Uganda and overall the second smallest after Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which covers approximately 34 square kilometers. Lake Mburo National Park was made a national park in 1983 and besides its small size; it is one of the best destinations in Uganda for wildlife safaris though less marketed. Lake Mburo National Park is truly a gem! This the nearest national park to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, situated 228 kilometers west of Kampala – which is an estimate of 3 to 4 hours’ drive.

Why to visit the Park:

Lake Mburo National Park is a very distinctive destination in Uganda as it resides some of the country’s rare wildlife species such as the common elands which are only resided in this Park and in Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeastern corners of the country. Another unique thing with taking your wildlife safari in this Park is that you will be in a destination that protects more zebras than any other Ugandan protected area. Zebras are the major attraction here; they are very many of them in the Park!!

If you want to see very many antelopes species and in abundance, this is the only place to be as you will see a lot of them such as; waterbucks, Uganda Kob, Sitatunga, Bushbucks, Topis, Impalas, and Jackals. Warthogs, Rothschild’s Giraffes, and mongooses are among the other attractions to take pleasure of in the Park. Cape buffaloes are also in abundance here well as a leopard is a rare sighting. There are also various hippo pools in Park and still cruising on the charming Lake Mburo offers great chances of spotting Crocodiles and many hippos as well as the fascinating water birds.

Activities in Lake Mburo:

There is a lot to participate in when you visit Lake Mburo National Park, such as; Game drives which will enable you view most of the Park’s astonishing wildlife and birdlife. Horseback safaris as well as mountain biking and community visits can also make your trip so memorable! Boat cruises on Lake Mburo are a one of a kind in the Park!! The guided nature walks in the Park wind ups a visit here in a very special way as you will be able to visit a natural salt lake where wildlife can be viewed from a timber observation platform.

Accommodations in Lake Mburo NP:

Lake Mburo National Park has various accommodation facilities that are good in quality and affordable at the same time. Most of the Lodges and Camps here are more of local designing, some of them include; Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock Safari Lodge, Mburo Eagle’s Nest Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp, Arcadia Cottages, Rwonyo Rest Camp, Leopard Rest Camp, and Hyena Hill Lodge.