About the Park:

Murchison Falls National Park covers a total area of approximately 3840 square kilometers in the north-west of Uganda, making it the largest protected area in the ‘Pearl of Africa’. This is also the oldest national park in Uganda. Masindi town is the nearest largest town to this remarkable Park – almost one hour’s drive. The Park is characterized by savanna and borassus palms, acacia trees and riverine woodland in the north of it as the southern part of it is dominated by forest patches and woodland. The Park was named after the eye catching Murchison falls, most powerful water fall in the world. The Murchison Falls are really easy on the eye and do provide one of Uganda’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles like Nile Crocodiles, Hippos and very many aquatic birds.

Reaching the Park:

From Kampala city, Uganda’s capital, it is approximately a 6 hours’ drive to the Park. On your way driving to Murchison Falls National Park you will meet very many mesmerizing attractions such as the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, home to Uganda’s only wild rhinos, the Kafu River, and many more. This Park can be accessed via different routes. Meanwhile the shortest route is through the Masindi town route, though other routes include via Budongo forest route (which is the most scenic), but it can as well be accessed from the north through Chobe gate, Karuma falls to the Park headquarters at Paraa. Nevertheless, the Park resides the well maintained Pakuba Airstrip thus it can also be accessed via air transport.

Visiting the Park:

The awesome Murchison Falls National Park can be visited at any time of the year though the best months for visiting it are; January, February, June, July, August, and maybe December. This is because during the aforementioned months the Park receives little or no rainfall (always sunny) making it easier for you to spot its fascinating residents; mostly wildlife, as the grasses are shorter. This doesn’t however mean that you should not visit the Park if it’s not in the aforementioned months as it is an all-year-round-visited destination.

Though dry/sunny season is the perfect one for game viewing, you can also visit the Park during the rainy seasons (if it’s when you got time) because even if it rains, it won’t rain for a full day as the rains usually stop and will allow you to participate in the memorable game drives and other breathtaking activities in the Park. Meanwhile, the worst months are November, April and May because rains are normally too heavy in those months hence making the tracks, roads, in the Park un-navigable.

Attractions in the Park:

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the best protected areas in Uganda for wildlife safaris. The Park is fully packed with various wildlife species such as African Savanna Elephants, mammoths of Cape Buffaloes, African Lions, African Leopards, Warthogs, Rothschild Giraffes (in huge numbers), Olive baboons, and several antelope species like water bucks, Uganda Kob, and numerous bird species including the famous rare Shoebill Stork. In the Park’s Kaniyo Pabidi region, in Budongo Forest, there are chimpanzees and cruising on the Nile River beneath the eye catching Murchison Falls offers one of the world’s best spectacle of Nile Crocodiles and Hippos.

The Murchison Falls itself is one of the major attractions in East Africa and hiking to the top of these waterfalls will make your trip a one to remember. There are various amazing activities to indulge in for you to spot the Park’s major attractions such as; game driving, nature walks, boat cruises, game viewing, hiking, hot air balloon safaris, and cultural encounters.


Murchison Falls National Park consists of several accommodations where tourists will stay in while enjoying the interesting activities, among them include; Paraa Safari Lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Bakers lodge, Nile safari lodge, Murchison River Lodge, Bwana Tembo Safari Camp, Yebo Safari Camp, Sambiya River lodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Red Chilli, and UWA campsite, and many more.